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With too much time on my hands, working from home throughout the pandemic, I dove back into my blog, Unexpected Adventures where I have overshared the highs and lows of my life since 2015. Blogging was always the perfect avenue for me to get back into writing, as I didn’t need to wait for anyone to let me write. There was no gatekeeping, I sat down to write, uploaded, and performed some SEO tweaks and then it would be live a few hours later.

Fast forward three years.

I’ve written for major national and international publications, worked on digital news desks and been published in print countless times. Whether you’re new to the industry, just graduated or looking for a career change, I’m on hand to offer advice and support for starting out as a writer.

From pitching to writing to editing your own work, it sometimes feels like a steep learning curve. I’m here to help you navigate those early stages to put the tools in place, from what I’ve learned to kick start your writing career – or just give you the motivation to take that leap.

For five years now, I’ve worked as a professional writer and editor in both an employed and self-employed capacity. After my English Literature degree and Masters in Creative Writing, I started working as a Features Editor of a quarterly design magazine and four industry house developer yearbooks.

Sure, it might not sound like my forte, but it gave me the foundational skills I needed to understand how print magazine publishing worked. Less than a year later, I became Editor of one of their flagship publications, Architecture Magazine.

This was the perfect stepping stone to shift departments and dip my toe into the corporate world, as I moved over into Digital Marketing at Cambridge University Press. Until, the pandemic hit and I reassessed my entire career.

I’ve always wanted to be a writer and in many capacities I always have been. Yet, it wasn’t until lockdown that I realised I needed to stop waiting for it to happen, and start making it happen for myself.

How can I help?

Female Developers


In a one-to-one call we can discuss the next steps to navigate your career dilemma and pivot your actions to work towards your writing ambition. With experience in script writing, journalism, blogging and digital marketing, I can support you with a wide range of issues to help offer advice on how to move forward.

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Need a second set of eyes on a piece of work? I can provide a detailed edit of your article, blog, social copy or web copy to suggest feedback and areas to improve, along with checking your grammar, spelling and SEO.

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Copy writer

I’m an experienced writer and have worked on copy for brands and businesses of all sizes, for articles, blogs and marketing materials. If you’re in need of clean copy tailored to your tone of voice, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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